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6 Ways To Use SEO To Improve Lead Generation- Our Guide

The key to a successful lead generation for your business is an effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Although both lead generation and SEO have different approaches, the two marketing strategies can complement each other for business success.   

Here are six ways you can use SEO to boost your lead generation efforts. Keep on reading to find out more.   

1. Optimize your content  

To optimize content effectively, you need to use the right keywords. When choosing keywords, keep in mind that the ones with high search volumes don’t necessarily mean they’re best to use. Keywords with lower search volumes are usually better because of the low competition, which gives you a higher chance to rank for them.  Another way to effectively optimize your content is to see what your competitors are doing. You can identify your competitors’ backlinks and use them to your advantage.   Remember to keep your content as valuable and informative as much as possible. In doing so, you’ll be able to attract more leads to your business.   

2. Perform a site audit  

Site audits allow you to identify pages that have high and low performance. Implement a thorough site audit so that you know what tweaks to make to your content and website design.   

3. Check site speed  

Slow load times can have a negative impact on your site, which, more often than not, increases your pages’ bounce rate. You can use Google’s PageSpeed test to analyze the speed of specific pages on your site.  

 4. Consider guest posting  

Know that guest posts help build your online credibility. Additionally, it can help gain you more links in return. To do guest posting, offer services to someone else’s website because there are many opportunities that you can gain from it.   

5. Have image alt tags  

Go through your website’s images and check whether or not they are tagged correctly. Remember, search engines can only read what’s on your page, and it’s your responsibility to make it easier for them. Always have a descriptive text on your images ALT tag to increase the chances of having your images appear on Google Images search results.   

6. Utilize social media  

Remember that search engines index social media content. This means that when you’re active on social media, it’s likely that your content will appear on search engine results. Know that you can optimize your social media profiles and posts to boost visibility. One of the best ways to enhance your brand visibility online is to be on every social media platform that you can be a part of so that you have a wider market to cater to.   

Using SEO to improve your lead generation may be a challenge if you do not have the right knowledge to do so. If you’re in a similar circumstance, consider hiring an SEO agency that will suit your business’ unique needs.  

If you are in Miami and looking for an SEO agency to help with lead generation, consider the service of Uberwood Agency. We are one of the leading marketing agencies in Florida that can help boost your lead generation efforts. Contact us now to see how we can best help you! 


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5 Reasons Why An SEO Agency Will Benefit Your Business- What To Know

Let’s be real—at one point, you thought of doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by yourself, and one of the reasons is to save more money. But did you know that DIY SEO can cost you more money in the long run? 

 Think of it this way: You’re running a business, and there are a lot of things that you need to take care of—your products or service, inventory, staff management, marketing, etc. See, you already have your plate full! SEO requires dedicated time (a lot of it) and effort (even more of it) to make it work to your advantage.  

That’s why hiring an SEO expert is the way to go. Here are the reasons an SEO company will be beneficial for you:  

1.     Knowledge & Experience 

They’re called SEO experts because they have the knowledge and expertise to implement the most effective SEO strategies. These include the implementation of the best SEO practices, such as site optimization, competitive analysis, advanced keyword research, and site performance analysis, to name a few. These things take time to learn and require plenty of experience to do it right.  

2.    Time 

As mentioned, SEO requires a lot of time, and as a business owner, the chances are that you don’t have enough time to do SEO. One of the common reasons a lot of businesses hire an SEO expert is to save time. You can free up your time to focus on other core aspects of your business that are critical to your operations.  

3.    Continuous Search Engine & Technology Changes 

You’re probably aware of the continuous algorithm updates on search engines today. Each update impacts SEO, which is why you need an SEO expert to keep up with these updates as well as changes in technology. When running a business, you won’t really have the time to track these changes, especially when there are so many things to be done.  

4.    Cost-Effective 

Unless you have a degree of SEO expertise, you could be wasting your money on DIY SEO strategies. If you want to make the most out of your SEO strategies, it must be a continuous process. That’s exactly what an SEO expert does—focusing on all aspects of the website and other online properties to ensure that the SEO is consistent on all relevant platforms.  

5.    Results Analysis 

Your SEO results require in-depth analysis to help you identify areas for improvement and to ensure the metrics are put to good use. With expert SEO results analysis, any drop in traffic will easily be spotted and resolved. Therefore, it won’t only help save you money but also save your business.  

Bottom Line 

Now that you know the reasons you need an SEO expert to help you with your SEO strategies, there’s no more need to do it on your own. There are a lot of SEO agencies out there that you can choose from. If you want the best SEO agency, though, choose Uberwood Agency in Miami to guarantee the best results!


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Our Guide To Lead Generation- 3 Effective Tips For Beginners

Lead generation is a complex subject, especially for beginners and even for more experienced individuals. Nevertheless, don’t let this thought discourage you from pushing through. All you need are time, patience, and determination to know all the ropes, and you’ll be a lead generation master in no time.  

If you’re just beginning your lead generation journey, here are three effective tips that you can use to kick start your marketing campaign: 

1. Have a blog on your site

 If you want to generate more leads, you need to show your target audience that you’re a reliable figure in the industry. One way to do this is by engaging with your audience through blogs. Know that having a blog on your website will make a huge difference in terms of generating leads. In your blog, you can provide valuable information to your audience so that they will know more about a certain topic that is relevant to your product or service.  

When customers see that you provide valuable content for them, it will be easier for them to trust your brand more. From there, you can start to generate leads at higher rates! Additionally, a blog can attract more visitors to your site, so you also have to invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to leverage your blog content online.  

2. Create striking call to actions (CTAs) 

When you’re already gaining sufficient blog traffic, you have to offer users something more to prompt them to purchase from you or avail of your services. After all, that is your primary goal and why you’re investing in lead generation in the first place. An excellent way to offer something to your customers is in the form of CTAs.  

Your CTA must be powerful enough to entice a user to take a desired action. The CTA must help the user progress throughout their journey on your site. Usually, a CTA leads to a free offering, such as eBooks, webinars, and tools, to name a few. However, your CTA must be relevant to what your business is all about. If you’re going to incorporate it in your blog post, it has to be consistent with the blog content as well. 

 3. Go on social media 

When you have effective site strategies already running, it’s time to use the power of social media to add more fuel to your processes. In lead generation, you shouldn’t entirely rely on what your website can do. On the other hand, you need to take advantage of available channels that can help your lead generation campaigns.  

Create social media accounts on the most valuable platforms that you think will contribute to the success of your business. You don’t have to sign up for every social media platform available, only on the ones where you can find your target audience. Don’t overwhelm yourself and just choose at least three platforms for lead generation in the meantime. Once you’re on social media, start promoting your content to the wide range of audiences that can be found to gain more opportunities to generate leads.  

Final words 

At this point, you now know that lead generation isn’t as challenging as you may have expected in the beginning. By following the three tips above, you have effective methods to enhance your lead generation efforts. If you need additional assistance from a reputable lead generation agency in Miami, get in touch with Uberwood Agency today to see how we can best help you reach your goals! 


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5 Steps To Using The Power Of SEO To Generate More Leads - Our Guide

Lead generation may sound simple — build a site, market it, and then the leads will naturally come! In a perfect digital marketing world with no ever-changing algorithms to consider and only quality websites are created, that is a possibility. The reality, however, is that generating leads takes much time, effort, and in some cases, money.  

Nevertheless, the leads that you generate are one of your catalysts for growth in your business, and one of the most effective ways to generate leads is by utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

In this article, we will share with you four crucial steps to generate leads through SEO: 

1. Identify your target audience 

Who is your market, and how much do you know them? Identifying your target audience is one matter, but knowing them on a much deeper level is another. If you want to generate quality leads that would most likely convert into sales, you need to know the people who need your products and services. This is why extensive research is a must to obtain accurate information. 

2. Identify the leads

If you currently have a website running, you may have already gained a few leads. However, who are they and what do they do on your site? Getting to know these details will help you build a more solid SEO strategy that will hit all the right points in your lead generation efforts. 

3. Optimize your site with the right keywords

Keep in mind that keywords are crucial to your lead generation process. Users will find you when they search using keywords, which is why you need to have your content well-optimized with them. To come up with a list of the right keywords that you need to use, thorough keyword research must be done. 

4. Conduct a thorough content audit

A content audit allows you to know what elements of your content are not working, what needs improvement, and what needs to be removed. Performing a regular content audit is vital in your lead generation process. The more you understand how well your content performs, the more you know what and what not to change. 

When performing a content audit, be on the lookout for technical SEO errors, mobile-friendly content, quality backlinks, and page speed. At the same time, ensure that all your content is original and valuable to your target audience. 

5. Perform on-page optimization

Aside from optimizing your content, you should also optimize the entire website. When doing this, you’re going to dive deeper into various page elements, such as meta tags, page content, backlinks, and semantic boxes. Some of these elements may be too technical, which is why you may need technical assistance for an SEO expert. 

Final Words

SEO has been proven to be an effective tool in enhancing marketing strategies. In fact, SEO continues to be one of the most sought-after online marketing strategies today, along with email marketing. For this reason, it’s safe to say that despite the many innovations in the digital world, SEO is here to stay for the long run. 

If you want to boost your lead generation techniques, utilize the power of SEO and watch those leads increase in no time! Be a lead magnet by implementing all the right SEO techniques that will also affect marketing efforts that will drive your business towards success.  

If you’re looking for an SEO agency in Miami, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.


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4 Steps To Choosing The Right Digital Marketing Agency

Are you looking to outsource your digital marketing needs? There's plenty of digital marketing agencies out there to choose from. Unfortunately, this so happens to make your decision on who to work with a lot harder. However, one thing holds true—you need to put effort into making the right choice. 

That said, here are four steps in choosing the right digital marketing agency: 

Step 1. Do Your Research 

You need to create a list of digital marketing agencies for you to consider. 

The best place to start list-building is the internet. When you look up lists of agencies and visit their websites, you can learn a thing or two about them just by how they present themselves. That said, look for firms that are ranked higher when you search SEO-related terms. Even better, if you're looking for an SEO firm that's in your same location, look for ones that rank high on a location-based search. 

Step 2. Contact the Firm

Once you've compiled yourself a few options, you can start by visiting their websites and filling out their contact form. In the form, you should include information, such as who you are and what you want them to do for you.

Nevertheless, once you do submit the form, give them a day max to respond. If they take longer than that, you can cross them out of your list. After all, if they can't respond to your interests quickly, they won't likely do so once you start working with them either. In other words, responsiveness is an excellent indicator of how serious a digital marketing agency is. 

Once they reach out to you, you can ask them plenty of questions that revolve around their service, teams, experience, and so on. Talk about the channels in which they conduct SEO as well. If you're satisfied with what you hear, you can move on to the next step. 

Step 3. Ask for a Proposal 

Here, you'll be asking for their proposal that must include information, such as conversion rates, margins, and revenue. Their proposal should also be based on your company, meaning that their digital marketing strategy is tailored to your business needs. Place extra interest in the firms that include all the points we've mentioned and more. 

While you might receive the proposal as a document, you can also ask them to have a person from their company to talk with you about the proposal. This can add to a more dynamic conversation, allowing you to get a better idea of how you and your potential agency will work together. 

Step 4. Make the Decision 

After the proposals are discussed, you will have to get back with your team. Often, there will still be a few more questions they have in mind. If that's the case, the agencies that are more than willing to answer those and clarify anything else should be your top picks.  

At this point, you'll most likely already have only one agency left. Congratulations! You've landed the perfect agency. 

To conclude, the process of sifting through all the possible digital marketing agencies to work with can take a lot of time and effort, but it is well worth it. When you end up with the right agency, you can work together, bringing in more and more business for your company and allowing you to grow tremendously. 

Need a digital marketing agency in Miami to help with your marketing? Contact Uberwood Agency through our website today!


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3 Local SEO Trends To Incorporate In Your Website This 2020

It cannot be denied that more and more businesses are doing what it takes to appeal to potential customers and delight their current patrons in the digital realm. They do so by producing valuable content, engaging with the audience via social media, and sprucing up their advertising campaigns. Yet, one aspect that these companies seem to get overwhelmed at is getting top ranking and driving traffic to their websites. 

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking, in particular, it has increasingly become popular for users to search for businesses in their locality. If you want to level up your SEO efforts, know that you have to optimize your site for the local search. 

In this article, we will share with you three local SEO trends that you should incorporate this 2020:

1. The Google E.A.T. trend

This 2020, expect many websites to integrate the virtue of E.A.T. in their local SEO. E.A.T. stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, which means that your content ought to be written with these attributes in mind to help put your site in the top ranking. To do so, follow some vital tips below:

●      Remove of low E-A-T content: Make sure to remove low performing blog posts and pages, as these types of content can negatively impact your site’s reputation and ranking. 

●      Tap into expertise: If you’re doubtful about removing your content, you can tap the expertise of professional specialists to enhance your content and improve your local organic SEO.

●      Invest in security: If you run an e-commerce website or use an online portal involving money transactions and highly confidential information, then it is a practical step to invest in the security of your website.

2. The rise of influencers

In recent years, there’s no denying the power of influencer marketing. The trend of tapping the expertise of influencers to promote your brand and sell your products or services can make all the difference in your local SEO efforts. Know that engagement is a vital factor, as Google measures this metric to evaluate your content’s quality and decides on your site’s ranking. Your hired influencers can greatly impact your site’s engagement by considering the following:

●      Social shares: Your influencers can increase the number of shares you acquire on social media.

●      Comments: Your influencers can encourage people to leave feedback on your website.

●      Click-to-Purchase: Your influencers can influence the number of online purchases on your website.

●      Return Visits: Your influencers can motivate visitors to come back to your website and further engage with your content.

3. The impact of mobile search

Statistics show that more and more people are now using their mobile devices to search online and visit websites. This is mostly because people find it more convenient to take advantage of their mobile devices, whether a mobile phone, laptop, or tablet. Given this trend, you have to optimize your website for mobile devices, and this is where responsive web design comes into the picture. 

Furthermore, know that user experience is the key to your local SEO success. Even when used on mobile devices, make sure your website has the following features:

●      Readability

●      Easy navigation

●      Fast loading time

●      Captivating images

●      Valuable content

Final Words

Local SEO can no longer be taken for granted, particularly if your business is specialized in the local market. Make sure to incorporate the latest trends in local SEO this year — write your content with E.A.T. in mind, harness the potentials of influencers, and optimize your site for mobile search. All these will put your local SEO at the pedestal of success!

Here at Uberwood Agency, we’re happy to help you with your digital marketing needs – local SEO included. If you’re looking to hire a digital marketing agency, get in touch with us today to see how we can help your needs.


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3 Ways To Improve Your Online Lead Generation Campaigns

Of all the challenges that marketers face daily, the hardest one many would agree is lead generation. Marketing leads are the individuals that are interested in what your business has to offer and who are likely to become a customer. That said, with the internet in your hands, lead generation efforts are not only done offline but online as well. 

With that in mind, what can you do to improve your online lead generation game? Here are three ways to do so:

1. Improve Your Use of Email 

Traditionally, emails were pretty much sent to everyone, including those who had zero interest in a product or even the company. That said, when your customers or interested individuals are visiting your website and given the option to have you send stuff to their email, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, make sure all your CTAs are visible. They won't be able to get what they want if they can't find the button to do so. Second, your forms should be made as simple as possible. If they find that they have to write the names of all their pets, they'll click away. Finally, never mention the word "spam." Even if you're saying, "We'll never spam you," that's just a one-way ticket to driving away customers.

2. Run a Competitive Analysis 

Remember, the only way you're going to have any chance of beating out the competition is to know what they're up to in the first place.

Check out what they're doing, especially their activities regarding lead generation. What are they doing? What's working for them? How effective are their tactics? When you figure out information, such as these, you can start employing them on your own business too and do better than them. For example, if a competitor in the same industry is having a lot of success posting on their social media, and you don't have one, you might want to start one immediately.

3. Step Up Your Social Media 

Speaking of social media, platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are all great channels in which you can spread information about what you do and connect with your audience. While you can employ all those platforms, what you need to do is figure out which platforms most of your audiences are at.

For example, you find out that most of your audience loves using Instagram. What do you do? Well, one tip we can give you is to use great high-quality pictures with your posts. They're likely to grab attention and encourage people to engage. Also, point to them the link to your website on how they can grab the offers you have displayed for them. That way they'll land on your site and get to become your customer! 

Wrapping Up 

There are many techniques you can employ to up your lead-generation game. From setting up social media accounts on Instagram and YouTube to conducting a competitive analysis to figure out what everyone else is doing that is working, these activities can help significantly improve your chances of landing a high-quality lead. That said, once you do land a lead, do your best to cultivate a healthy relationship. You don't want to spend all that time attracting people only to lose them in an instant.

Here at Uberwood Agency , we’re happy to help you with your digital marketing needs – lead generation included. If you’re looking to hire a digital marketing agency, get in touch with us today to see how we can help your needs.  


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Why Your Business Needs A Website In 2020

In this internet-driven world, websites are no longer an unnecessary expense — they're a necessity. 4 in 5 consumers today use search engines to find local information. If your ideal customer cannot locate you when they look up stuff online, how do you expect your business to prosper? You can't always rely on traditional marketing methods. You would need to build your own website to attract leads, stand out from competitors, and increase conversions. 

No matter what industry you're in, you should have a website. And even if you insist that your business is strictly local, investing in a website that can still bring you tons of benefits, especially when it comes to revenue generation.  

Still not convinced? Here are some compelling reasons why your small business needs to have a website. 

Your customers expect it. 

In this day and age, almost everyone has access to the internet and is using it to cull information on just about anything. Consumers today are more digital-savvy than ever, and having a website will help them know more about what you do, what you offer, and why they can trust you. If they can't find you online, they're likely to look elsewhere to do business with. 

Social media reach is not as effective as before. 

Organic reach on social media has been on a decline for some time now. It's mostly because of the ever-changing algorithm that makes it harder for your content to be seen. And now that almost all businesses have social media pages, it's more challenging than ever to stand out from your competitors. It makes it all the more important to have a website because merely having a presence on social media won't fly anymore.  

It can help you compete with the big players in your industry.

You should know by now that the internet is an equal playing field. Having your website gives you the chance to beat the Goliaths in your industry. As long as you're smart about optimizing content for search and you make an effort in creating a user-friendly website, then you have what it takes to compete with the big players.  

It helps you answer your customers' questions. 

When people look you up online, they expect to be met with answers to basic questions about your business without having to contact you. Your websites can be an avenue to deliver immediate gratification, offering responses to queries like your goods or services, your company history, your mission statement, your contact information, and more.  

 You get to control the narrative. 

With a website, you can design your own story and influence public perception. You don't get to do that with social media channels, as everyone can comment on your business. Your website can contain everything you want your business to know about you, along with the content you would like them to see. And should you wish to add external output, you can control take your pick user-generated content and present them as social proof. 

Having a website in this day and age will do wonders for your business. There's no reason why you should hold yourself back from setting up one.  At Uberwood Agency we have partners that can build great websites for your business. Reach out to us today to get started.


by: Rey Clemons 3/20/20

How To Maximize Value From Google Adwords- What To Know

Marketing research company Forrester said that a whopping 93 percent of online activities start with a search. From the 93 percent, Google holds the top spot with a 90.1 percent share of the search results, while YouTube, also owned by Google, is the second among the rest.

Big brands know that they need to develop an online presence to be the first to be seen by potential customers on search engines.

One strategy is to pay search engines to advertise you and your product. Since it costs money, it is crucial to ensure each penny is well spent. Here are some actionable tips to help you get the most out of your ads.

Use Single Campaign Types

You need to know the contrast between phrase, broad, broad match, and exact modifier keywords before you plan your marketing spree. After, create campaigns that utilize a single campaign type since running several campaign types at once limits chances of success. This method helps Google recognize your content.

Group Keywords Into Separate Ad Groups

The secret to a higher ad quality score is to send people to relevant landing pages containing the same material as the keyword in your ad groups. This method, if done successfully, lowers your pay per click rate but shows your ads more often. The main reason is that Google wants its audience to have a better user experience by showing them ads with a high-quality score.

If your ads and landing pages are different from each other, visitors won’t convert. For example, if someone wanted to buy a Halloween costume and an Ad for a Dracula costume appeared, it should not lead them to a casual clothing store.

Another option is to hire PPC marketers to handle your Google AdWords for your company. With a reliable partner by your side, you can optimize your campaigns and get the most out of your ads.

Ads and Landing Pages Should Contain Relevant Keywords

You can expect better results in your Google Ads campaigns when there is a seamless connection for all your ads, keywords, and landing pages. If a person is searching for their next perfect pair of shoes, your landing page should contain any other type of footwear like sandals or stilettos. With a landing page that looks out of place, confused people would prefer to browse other sites.

Maximize Ads with Geotargeting

There are a ton of benefits when you customize bids concerning geographical locations. If you concentrate your ads to target a particular demographic living in a geographic area, you get higher conversions using lower costs.

Evaluate the location and nitpick each city, state, or country option. When your ads focus on the right geographical areas proven to convert better than others, you maximize results. For example, you can avoid showing ads to people in country A because they are not yet open to the service you are offering. Similarly, when you show ads to people that are interested in your services, you get better reception.

Are you looking for a digital marketing agency in Miami to help you establish your online presence? Get in touch with us today!


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The Significance Of Design To Your Website Marketing- What To Know

Since everyone is now connected online, website marketing has practically become standard practice. People want to be assured that your business is legitimate and the first thing most people would do to check that is to search online. Yet, business owners often overlook this fact and don’t properly invest in website design.

Research shows that almost 75 percent of netizens judge businesses’ websites by design. People are always attracted to great visuals, and not taking advantage of this will set you and your company back, no matter how flawless you think your marketing campaign may be. This means that if your website isn’t optimized and doesn’t function as intended, you’re lessening the chances of a site-visit converting into sales.

Thus, good website design is imperative for the success of your website marketing, and here are a few more reasons why:

Brand Language

Your web design should concisely communicate your brand’s image and message while keeping web visitors engaged. You’re not just making a website for the sake of having one. Your website is there to speak to your visitors, telling them whether your brand is sleek and professional, fun and flirty, or cozy and home-like. Design that reflects your brand’s aesthetic and feel is more likely to be well-received and will help build loyalty to your brand.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is also vital to your online marketing. SEO is the process of increasing organic traffic with the use of various techniques that draw attention to your website.

A website that has great design needs to be optimized so that Google and other search engines can easily recommend your website to users searching for relevant keywords. It also needs to be compatible with many devices like mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and even smart TVs.

Your website’s design will be integral to the SEO ranking of your website, and the better the design, the higher the rankings, and the higher the number of potential customers.

User Experience

As a product or service provider, it’s as clear that you’ll want your customers to have great experiences with your offerings. The same idea applies to website marketing. If the user doesn’t have a great experience when navigating through your website, they’re likely to hit the “previous” button and search somewhere else.

Your website design should be considerate of the users. After all, they’ll be the ones browsing through your site and subsequently, they’re also responsible for your business’s profit. Visitors, especially tech-savvy ones, don’t like dealing with unresponsive, slow, or non-friendly websites. A bad website will be easily forgotten. You’ll also have an increase in bounce rate, which will have a negative impact on your SEO.


To reiterate, remarkable design is significant to your website marketing. No matter what kind of brand you are, in an online setting, you’ll want to focus on providing efficiency and accuracy for online users looking for information. Just as you’re serving customers with great products and services, you need to supply them with a great website to help them find these products.

Need help with your website marketing? Get in touch today and let us help! We’re a marketing agency in Miami Florida happy to help.


by: Rey Clemons 4/2/20

Our Guide To Kickstarting A Lead Generation Business

If you want to kickstart a business that is easily scalable, you may want to look into lead generation. Most—if not all—companies are often reliant on a steady trickle of leads to grow. After all, you can only serve the clients you have in your roster. To secure clients, you need to have initial leads and convert them into a paying customer.

Insurance, mortgages, home improvement, and the loan sector are just some of the many industries that have a huge demand for leads. And in order to save time, they often outsource their lead generation processes to other firms, making the lead generation industry highly competitive. But it can also be incredibly lucrative—in the U.S. alone, digital marketing spend is expected to rise to $120 billion by 2021.

If you want to have your finger in the pie, here is a quick guide to starting a scalable lead generation venture:

What is a lead generation business?

In a nutshell, a lead generation business is one that generates and captures interest in a product or service to help a business grow its client base and increase its revenue. Lead generation companies carefully study an industry's challenges, goals, priorities, trends, and competitive landscape to help their clients capture high-quality leads.

How can I start a lead generation business?

1.Pick an industry.

The first step to setting up a lead generation business is to choose an industry. Ideally, it should be an industry that is currently in high demand so you can attract more clients. It would also be better if you pick a nationwide sector because it's easier to advertise a national campaign that a local campaign.

2.Settle on a marketing strategy.

Next, you should choose a marketing strategy you deem as the most effective in collecting leads. The most popular marketing channels today are Facebook, Google Adwords, and YouTube. Your job is to target your ads based on the type of leads your client wants, so you have to pick the strategy you are most comfortable experimenting with and one that your client's target audience typically uses.


Like in any other industry, automation is the key to success. You have to set up a process in which the lead is automatically directed to your clients so you don't have to do much heavy lifting. Choose software that directs the leads who click on your ad straight to your clients. The only work left for you to do is to keep managing and optimizing your marketing campaigns.

4.Monetize the leads.

If you want to monetize leads, you have to have multiple lead buyers. This way, when a buyer stops accepting leads, you have another one to fall back on. You also have to make sure that your clients can generate the number of leads you give them. You don't want to be stuck with leads you cannot sell.

Another trick is to direct your existing leads into other industries by adding additional fields to the form they fill out. This makes it easier to sell the lead to clients from varying industries. You just have to be careful about selling a lead too many times as it will be harder for your clients to close deals. It may cause them not to get leads from you again.

Ready to start a lead generation business? Get in touch with us to see how we can help.


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4 SEO Mistakes That Are Unprofitable For Business- What To Know

Digital marketers know the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in digital marketing efforts. After creating a robust website, the next step is to employ strategies to ensure that your site gains online presence and web traffic. SEO entails the process of optimizing your website, building links for authority, and writing valuable pieces of content with appropriate keywords.

Unfortunately, even many experts give their tactics less thought that they end up committing grave SEO mistakes. Not only will this waste your efforts, time, and money, but this will also harm your business in the long run. In this article, we will share with you four SEO mistakes that are unprofitable for your business:

1. Creating random pieces of content

When it comes to SEO, experts will advise you to publish content consistently. For instance, you should at least post articles on your blog on a weekly basis. However, that doesn’t mean that you can just come up with random pieces of content and post them at your own timing.

Make sure to conduct research and write articles that are relevant to your industry. These pieces of content should be something that will catch the attention of the audience and resonate with your target market. Furthermore, remember to only create content that will be of value to your customers.

2. Having a weak internal link structure

As your website grows and expands over time, it’s easy to encounter some internal linking problems. Chances are that you’re producing plenty of duplicate pieces of content, or incurring 404-page errors on your website.

Internal links provide clear pathways to conversion pages, give authority to webpages, organize your webpages categorically, and offer additional readings or interactive materials. For this reason, you should set a strong and solid internal link structure by resubmitting an XML sitemap to search engines.

3. Using wrong or irrelevant keywords

As far as SEO is concerned, you should know the importance of keywords because they are integrated into your pieces of content that draw users in. Users typically use certain phrases on the search engine field when looking for information, product, or services.

If you incorporate the right keywords in your articles, you have a higher chance of having your content found by your target audience. That’s why keyword research is conducted to find out what particular phrases the users are more likely to use in your industry.

4. Not performing a site audit

When your site is structured, and SEO is set in place, it doesn’t mean that you should stop. Your endeavors need to be performed consistently over time because your website needs to be regularly checked to maintain its visual appeal and functionality. That’s why a site audit is an integral part of your SEO efforts.

Performing a site audit allows you to see if there are technical issues on your site, such as duplicate content, broken links, slow speeds, and unoptimized meta tags, among others. With a regular site audit, you can ensure that site issues are immediately fixed.


The process of SEO entails critical planning, deliberate execution, and constant monitoring. Make sure to avoid the five common mistakes discussed above; create relevant content, have a stable internal link structure, use relevant keywords, and conduct a site audit. All these will help boost your SEO strategies that will take your business up a notch!

If you’re looking to hire a digital marketing agency in Miami, get in touch with us today!


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How To Effectively Generate More Leads For Your Business in 2020

Finding leads should be a top priority for every startup, as more leads could potentially mean more sales. Unfortunately, the number of established competitors out there can make it difficult for fledgling businesses to generate new leads.

Luckily, there are proven ways to quickly and effectively generate more leads for your business. We’ve listed down some of these foolproof methods below to help your business grow.

Using Chatbots

In the past, marketers often use forms to get more conversions. But with the development of new technologies, people are more likely to ignore these old-fashioned strategies. The best marketing agencies will suggest that you use voice search and messaging apps instead, such as chatbots, so that your website visitors can quickly get access to the information they’re looking for.

Ometrics found that chatbots convert three times better than traditional tools such as email. These bots enable marketers to convert leads without them noticing that there was a conversion. If you haven’t been using a chatbot, you might be missing out on the opportunity to engage more website visitors and eventually increase your conversions.

Repurpose Your Content

If you’ve created some eBooks and PDF files in the past, then a good tip would be to break them down into a series of blog posts. Why? Because the all-powerful Google won’t be indexing your PDF files, so they probably won’t help you with your ranking. Also, more content would ultimately mean more chances of people finding your website.

On the other hand, you can also take your blog content, compile them, and repurpose them into a downloadable file. Having a mix of gated and non-gated content is useful in helping you reach and engage more readers.

Activate Sales Notifications for Returning Customers

The simple act of turning on your sales notifications will help alert your sales team every time a lead or customer returns to your website, allowing them to monitor the content these leads are interested in and the web pages they’ve been visiting.

So how is that helpful?

Well, if you know exactly what your leads are interested in, then you are in a better position to engage and direct them to the products or services that they are looking for. For example, if a lead has recently visited your pricing page, that could be a fantastic opportunity to push them down into the sales funnel.

Produce Quick Bottom-of-the-Funnel Offers

Most marketers, especially new ones, give too much attention to creating top of the funnel content such as videos, blog posts, infographics, eBooks, and the like. But they aren’t as good at producing bottom of the funnel offers aside from the typical ‘free consultation’ and ‘free trial’ offers. Businesses should strive to create content for every stage of the customer’s journey.

If you can afford it, start by offering limited-time discounts to your first 100 customers, for example. If you have an email list, then try to send a bottom of the funnel offer every now and then. This may include product brochures or product demos—get creative with it!

Meanwhile, your top and middle of the funnel content are made to educate your readers. This is where you build a relationship with your customers to prepare them for when they are ready to buy. The bottom of the funnel content is made to convert those who are prepared to buy from mere readers into buying customers.


The goal of getting your business noticed can be challenging, especially if you’re a small business and you don’t have a good grasp on lead generation. For this, working with a good SEO agency might be the best way for you to find more clients.

To know more about how you can optimize your website to get better results, feel free to get in touch to see how we can help!


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How to Get More Leads Through Next-Level SEO Practices

When buying a new product or using a new service, consumers almost always turn to Google or other search engines. When your prospective customers want to know about a brand, they look for information about it online, scrolling through blogs, forums, or social media. This is why search engine optimization is a must for businesses today, as SEO is vital to remain visible to warm leads in the virtual space.

An online presence is a sustainable way of increasing your visibility and keeping you accessible to both new and old customers. If you are looking to grow your shop’s traffic, are trying to increase your sales numbers, or just want more people to be aware of what you have to offer, then you can try out these three tips  and see how they provide an impact even in the first month of implementation:

1. Course your lead generation through SEO

The backbone of most SEO strategies is making good on-page content. This means taking stock of your website’s elements and making adjustments where necessary. Things like page speed, keyword planning, and image use are all major contributors to the perceived relevance of your page. Improving on the content of your website makes visitors more likely to see your URL in the top results under the search terms you want to appear.

Another aspect of optimization is making sure off-page elements are making a positive impact on your online presence. Things like backlinking, social media management, and building a bank of positive customer reviews online can also boost your rankings and get more traffic to your website. Reviews and social media engagement in particular funnel large bursts of visitors to your website. It may be taxing to keep this up on top of content planning, so consider having two people separately handling these for your business.

2. Prioritize highly specific keywords

Keywords are an essential part of SEO content. In the past, businesses thrived when they focused on repeating short keywords as many times as they could within a single article. This registered as ‘helpful’ with search engines and resulted in businesses’ websites getting ranked highly. These days, this is not so effective, and may actively harm rankings.

To make your website more relevant, you must focus on long-tail keywords, or highly specific terms. The best things to target are searches that include your locality, or niche questions about your type of product or service. Answering these shows that you are an authority on the topic. If you provide sensible, timely information, people are more likely to come back to your site again and again.

3. Tend to your metadata

Metadata helps search engines better understand your page. If you want more leads for your website, you must be sure your metadata accurately represents what your business is about. For example, your meta tags should be descriptive of the articles they are on. These snippets of information found under your URL in a search result page are among the first things a visitor will see about your website, so consider it your banner.

The ‘clickable’ portion of your search results, the title tags, should be under 65 characters. This keeps it within the range that people are willing to read while searching. Finally, you should have image tags as well. Strings of letters and numbers as image file names will not do anything to boost your web traffic, but a short, well-constructed file name will add to the data search engines will read when they scan your site for relevancy.


Building an optimized website means more than just penning two articles that showcase your brand or its offerings. You have to keep audiences and search engines interested, which means composing your posts in a way that would get the attention of both.

For marketing and communication consulting, contact Uberwood Agency today. We are a top consulting firm for SaaS businesses. Get in touch with us for more information.


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3 Effective Ways To Convert Warm Leads Into Sales For Your Business

The way consumers approach buying products or services today were in a completely different ballpark than your average buyer a decade ago. Aggressive advertising - from attention-grabbing billboards to flashy commercials - once dominated the media of mad men’s era. Nowadays, quality and relevant content rule above all in terms of engaging millennials too young adults.

That’s why a company’s website and other marketing portals need to have a cohesive strategy that aims to boost warm leads instead of focusing on making cold calls. The fact of the matter is that search-driven leads to acquiring a 14.6 percent closing rate compared to the 1.7 percent for cold leads.

This means that warm leads offer better prospects with higher chances of turning into sales. With that in mind, the guide below should help you stop chasing after your tail and convert your warm leads into sales for your bottom line:

Tip #1: Offer Attractive Incentives

When someone is showing interest in your products or services, they only need a bit of push to seal the deal. One way to turn your warm leads into even hotter prospects is to offer an incentive, such as the following:

●      Small discount

●      A free Ebook

●      A free how-to guide

●      A limited buy-one-get-one-free offer

●      A gift

●      A voucher

Offering an incentive can be costly and requires a sum of your budget. Still, it can pay for itself as the urgency of your limited offer can speed up their decision-making process and increase the chances of turning leads into customers.

Tip #2: Offer a Free Trial or Product Demo

Actions are louder than words, and in the case of selling your products or services, showing your quality is better than telling curious viewers why your products are worth investing in. One way to do so is to offer either a free trial for your services or a product demonstration.

This allows them to see exactly what they can get from you, which should help build their confidence in your brand. If providing a demo or free trial is not possible for your company, providing a similar tactic such as a free sample, taster session, or another alternative should do the trick.

Tip #3: Connect with Your Warm Leads and Talk to Them

Once your warm leads start pouring and leave queries, answering any questions of potential customers quickly can amplify the chances of convincing them to buy your products or services. Not only does your active presence show that you care about your customers, but tapping your leads while it’s hot means you can come close to turning it into a fresh sale.

In Conclusion: Improving Lead Generation Strategies Can Positively Impact Your Bottom Line

Attracting cold and warm prospects to your doors is the key to scaling up your business. Lead generation is one of the most fundamental aspects of marketing as it is what generates interest for your product or service, but identifying leads is only half the battle.

The rest is all about conversion, which you can have a primary clue on how to do from the tried and true tips above. Of course, it takes a more in-depth understanding and qualification of the leads to make a sale.

Having a digital marketing agency by your side can help you know the tricks of the trade if you’re looking to gain a competitive advantage. Speaking of which, if you’re looking for a digital marketing agency that specializes in lead generation strategies, get in touch with Uberwood Agency today! We’re happy to help.


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3 Methods to Increase Your Site Traffic as a SaaS Business

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), also known as cloud-based software, has become a mainstream deployment method for businesses this 2020, from big corporations to startups. This method of software delivery and application enables data and information to be accessed on any device, as long as you have a web browser and an Internet connection.

If you are a SaaS provider, you should be among those companies that can easily drive traffic to your site. However, if you are finding it difficult to achieve such goals, here are three effective methods you can use to increase your website traffic as a SaaS consulting company or service provider:

1. Social media marketing

Social media channels have long been a great avenue for businesses to market their brands and reach a wide range of audiences. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, the marketing opportunities are endless, and the results are quite remarkable. This is mainly because the number of users keeps on increasing each year, especially when users are confined to their own homes.

As a SaaS provider, you will want to target business-to-business or B2B clients who might want to use your software application. For instance, marketing on LinkedIn is an excellent way to leverage your business and entice prospects to visit your website. This social media channel will surely help drive traffic to your site.

2. Blogging

Did you know that a blog can actually add value to any given website? This is because any relevant pieces of content published on your blog have the capability to boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and entice consumers to take advantage of your products or services.

As a SaaS provider, you should come up with various pieces of content about your software products or services and post them on your blog regularly. At the same time, make sure to use appropriate keywords that businesses are more likely to type on the search engine and build backlinks on your blog to establish your site authority. Through blogging, you’ll be able to augment your website traffic further.

3. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

Another method you earn well-targeted traffic is through PPC advertising. In a nutshell, it is an Internet advertising model used to drive traffic to your website. Typically, you’ll have to pay a publisher when your displayed ad is clicked, and this advertising form can be run on various digital platforms, such as Google, Bing, and even social media channels.

If your business provides SaaS products or services, then you can deliberately advertise your business through PPC campaigns. By doing so, you’ll have a higher chance of increasing your website traffic for the growth and success of your business.


As a SaaS consulting or business provider, you should be at the forefront of performing site traffic.

Whether through social media marketing, blogging, or PPC advertising, you should put all your efforts into increasing your website traffic for the good of your business.

If you’re looking to hire the best marketing agency in Miami for your SaaS business, get in touch with us today to see how we can help your needs!


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How Market Your Business Digitally To Generate Leads For Your Business

Digital marketing, in all its forms, aims to promote interest in your business to ultimately generate leads. You can think of it as a tool that helps you sustain your business, allowing you to enhance your brand and stand out from a fiercely competitive market.

But how exactly is this done? Digital marketing, after all, is not a simple concept, and we wouldn’t blame you if you weren’t sure where to begin.

This is why, in this article, we’ll be guiding you through the basics of using digital marketing in such a way that it ensures constant lead generation.

What comprises digital marketing in the first place?

Before we proceed, however, let’s go over the different types of marketing strategies that fall into this category.

Digital marketing involves activities such as search engine optimization, social media marketing, and paid advertising. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it represents a good starting point to familiarize yourself with the subject. We will tackle each one in further detail below, outlining how to use them effectively to maximize lead generation.

Search Engine Optimization

Simply known as SEO, this is a process of making changes to your website’s content (as well as its design) to rank higher in search engines. The likes of Google has sophisticated algorithms that determine how favorably your web pages rank for a given query, and you must create your content in such a way that Google deems it as valuable to the user.

How? By ensuring that your content is informative, clear, and up-to-date. When these are present, your content is deemed valuable by search engines, effectively pushing your website up in rankings.

Social Media Marketing

This is any marketing activity you carry out on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. By simply having a business profile on these sites, you are effectively engaging in social media marketing. However, it goes beyond that.

You must also post with intention. This means that you have to post regularly on these sites so that you can maintain visibility on them. Each of your posts must also have a purpose, whether to inform the viewer about a product or some type of promotion. On top of that, you must also engage with your followers as that is the entire point of being on these platforms in the first place.

Paid Advertising

Sometimes referred to as PPC (pay-per-click), this is an approach to marketing that involves the purchasing of ad space on places such as Google and Facebook. It involves making a bid for a given keyword or phrase, and if you happen to outbid everyone else, your ad gets displayed for that query.

Because this can get rather expensive in the long run, it’s important that you learn to use it strategically. You will need to find the right keywords that are the most cost-effective at generating leads, and this will usually involve plenty of research beforehand. The good news, however, is that this tactic is highly effective and can deliver measurable results in no time.


All of these digital marketing strategies can—and ideally should—be used alongside one another. Most importantly, however, you should ensure that each one of them points to a call-to-action that will create the leads that your business needs.

If you’d like to learn more about digital marketing and lead generation, feel free to send us a message. We are one of the best marketing agencies in Miami, FL, and we’d be happy to show you the ropes.


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3 Reasons to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business

Businesses thrive on marketing campaigns, but many have no means of running in-house marketing departments. With so much at stake, outsourcing has become an integral part of their business plans. By doing so, they’re able to tap into the skills, perspectives, and experiences of savvy digital marketers, each one passionate about hitting goals and objectives.

Investing in the right digital agency will help you achieve lead generation and return of market investment. If you’re not entirely convinced just yet, here are three reasons why you should hire a digital marketing agency for your business:

Reason 1: You’ll have access to well-rounded skills

As briefly mentioned, building an in-house team to care for your digital marketing needs may be an issue of practicality, which is true for many businesses. The skills your company requires to thrive may either be difficult to find or too expensive.

It can also be financially constricting to hire someone full-time for skills you don’t constantly need—campaigns you run change differently over the year. You may start with SEO and brand awareness, only to later focus on social media towards the holidays.

Your hired employee may not have the rounded skills you’re looking for, but a digital marketing agency has employees that can meet every aspect of your campaigns.

Reason 2: You’ll receive fresh perspectives

If you decide to build an in-house team, know that their ideas and experiences may end up being limited to what’s currently being practiced. They’ll be thrust in some sort of echo chamber, merely exposed to your side of the industry, along with products and strategies your company practices. Digital marketing agencies, on the other hand, work with multiple industries. They handle all types of business, as well as work with various marketing professionals from respective niches.

They’re constantly exposed to innovation and trendy marketing techniques. In other words, learning never stops, and various influences allow them to apply creative techniques for the benefit of the business landscape. Through the professional teams of an agency, you’ll be able to tap into insights and expertise your business requires!

Reason 3: Your business will have more room to grow

One key advantage of outsourcing is scalability. As your business grows, your operations need to shift and change to react accordingly. A now-large business cannot continue to operate as a small business. The growing pains of transitioning may also be difficult to deal with, and relying on an in-house team might end up doing more harm than good. Through the help of a digital agency, however, you will be able to respond well to the challenges and needs. The marketers will likely have more than enough experience to help you through growing pains, as they are equipped with expertise, insights, and software. From there, you will be free to focus on client leads, sales, and even employee engagement and training.

The Bottom Line

For many business owners today, outsourcing digital marketing requirements is the only logical route to take. It offers affordability and flexibility, as well as the chance to help businesses grow further. While it may take some time to find the right fit for your specific needs, the right agency will make your efforts worthwhile.

Uberwood Agency is rated as one of the best marketing agencies in Miami, dedicated to helping business owners succeed. Get brand exposure and leads that make a difference—get in touch with our team today!


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5 of Our Best Digital Marketing Tips for Generating Leads

When it comes to digital marketing, the competition is high, and as such you should learn how to effectively build your online presence. Do not restrict yourself on one platform and limit your marketing strategies if you want to get on top of the game. Explore the digital market and take advantage of it.

No matter how promising your products or services are, if you are not reaching the right audience, you will not earn revenue. To earn revenue, you should get high leads and engagements. Therefore, know where your audience is and learn how to catch their attention.

Here are a few tips on how you can generate leads using digital marketing:

Tip #1: Design a mobile-friendly website

According to reports, 80 percent of internet users use their mobile phones to browse through sites. In response, Google has reduced its search engine ranking of websites that are not mobile-optimized. As such, you should start optimizing your website for smaller screens.

Making your website mobile-friendly will also help visitors easily navigate your site. If they have a good experience browsing your site, they might come back to your website multiple times, meaning your retention rate and your leads will increase.

Tip #2: Produce high-quality content

Among all the digital marketing techniques, producing high-quality, informative content will get you more leads. If users have found your content useful, Google will most likely rank it, meaning you get more online exposure. When that happens, more online users will discover your content and possibly share it with other people. One thing is for sure; you get more leads and engagements.

Of course, integrating relevant and ranking keywords to your content will help you rank. However, if it doesn’t offer useful information or answers questions, it will not rank, nor will it be shared by users.

Tip #3: Set up a good LinkedIn profile

Customizing your LinkedIn profile can help you stand out from the crowd. Your profile is somewhat like your online resume, so give detailed information as much as possible. Let other people or companies know who you are and what you do in a clear, straightforward, yet engaging manner. Here are some things you can do to customize your LinkedIn profile:

●      Using bullet points to profile description next to core skills and abilities

●      Customizing link names and description

●      Adding valuable back-links to your site

●      Integrating SEO keywords

Doing these things will help you get leads both to your LinkedIn profile and your business website.

Tip #4: Utilize Facebook ads manager

If you also do social media marketing on Facebook, it would be best to utilize their Ads Manager to get better results. It is a free page and ad management tool by Facebook that is optimized for use in Google Chrome.

This tool will help you track and understand your audience, remarket, optimize bidding, target audiences accurately, and see the results and performance of your ad campaigns. Using this tool will help you make smarter decisions on how you can generate more leads and engagements.

Tip #5: Publish ads on Twitter

Twitter is the best social media site to market when you want to build your online presence within a specific industry. This is because Twitter ads let you target your promoted tweets on:

●      Your competitors’ followers

●      Leading industry figure

●      Media sites

Whether you want to attract new clients or get clicks on your website, you should consider using Twitter ads because they do more intense targeting than any other social media site.


There are many ways you can generate leads and engagements to your website. You can start by making your site accessible to many by optimizing it for mobile use. Also, make sure to set up your LinkedIn profile, utilize Facebook ads manager, use Twitter ads, and above all, produce high-quality content to get organic traffic that will increase your leads and sales.

If you are managing a business and looking for the best marketing agency in Miami, get in touch with us today! We help companies build their online presence and gain qualified leads.


by: Rey Clemons 6/5/20

Tried and Tested Digital Marketing Strategies That Increase Lead Conversions

Leads are some of the most important digital marketing factors to amass because they become your potential buyers that help grow your business. The goal is to convert these leads into paying customers by convincing them enough that what your business offers is what they want or need. Although competition is often strong and can pose difficulties when it comes to growing your brand, there are fortunately a few great digital marketing hacks that can increase leads:

1.     Utilize Assorted Marketing Tactics

Visitors are good traffic for your webpage, but cannot compare to a site visitor who provides information such as their name, email address, and phone number. These can be won over by using different marketing tactics such as:

Place an exit-intent popup

When a client lead is nearing the end of their visit on your website, it would be a good move to strategically place a popup that allows them to input information for further interactions. This is one way to obtain potential conversions before a visitor leaves your domain.

Use Contests or Giveaways

People love receiving free items, so having a giveaway scheme for customers who enter information is an easy way to receive their information. The chance to win something cool for free is often an easy way to attract client leads and perhaps convert them into paying customers.

Offer Content, but Gated

Having a lengthy piece of informative content, such as e-books or infographics that people may need or be interested in and locking it under account creation is a way to convert client leads. When people are interested in the content put out and wish to continue, they will likely enter information to obtain it.

2.     Invest in Video Marketing Campaigns

Videos are an extremely effective client leads conversion method, as a well-made piece of media encapsulates viewers and strikes emotions in them. These are the most memorable pieces of content, as people remember images easier than remembering text-based content.

Many people would rather watch a short video on a product than read a chunk of text, which is why investing in good video media is extremely effective in growing your business.

3.     Spread Word Through Brand Ambassadors and Influencers

With so many people on social media following different celebrities and internet personalities, it makes sense to venture into social media by having these people be endorsers. They have a tremendous impact and can provide leads to your webpage, plus knowing that your products are legitimate gives them the confidence to turn into paying clients.

4.     Develop Landing Pages Properly and Efficiently

When your advertisement is clicked, it makes sense that you would want a nice space for people to land in afterward. Landing pages are important because they have the ability to give visitors a lasting impression of your brand. A nicely designed website is a great way to convert client leads.

5.     Keep Updated and Never Stop Innovating or Progressing

The online market is constantly changing and evolving with new trends and changes every single day. What was once cutting-edge often loses its value as new products surface. Not only do physical products change, but new marketing strategies also surface. Using new innovative tactics such as Facebook and their new dynamic creative ads or Amazon’s latest advertising technologies can help your business grow, so it pays to keep updated.

Additionally, testing new versions and strategies for your business should never stop, as there are always ways to improve your conversion rates. What strategy a larger business uses may not be applicable to a smaller enterprise starting out, so be sure to analyze the best paths and routes for your brand.


The digital marketing scene may seem complex and tough to crack due to all the tools available and all the competition that riddles the scene. This is not always the case, the positive aspect to it is that with the correct strategies and tactics, business growth is possible through good digital marketing.

Through our services at Uberwood Agency, your business does not have to struggle with the competitive playing field. We provide the tools for the job as well as offering the best strategies for brand growth. If you are looking for the best marketing agency for the job, look no further than with us.


by: Rey Clemons 6/12/20

5 Tips For Boosting Your SaaS Marketing

In today’s age, any business that wants to stay relevant needs to expand its presence to make itself visible to potential consumers. It is for this reason that marketing strategies are implemented, to create a brand memorable enough that keeps its customers coming back.

As straightforward as this sounds, things get to be a bit more difficult when you’re marketing a product that is neither visible nor consumed by the general public. This premise, in itself, is the challenge posed by Software as a Service (SaaS) marketing.

SaaS Marketing

A business that has a SaaS framework capitalizes on a particular service made easier through the use of particular software. While there are many SaaS that cater to an individual’s needs, a majority of these are still for the consumption of other businesses. This makes such a “product” difficult to market, but it is also where a marketer’s skills truly shine.

In order to help you market your SaaS business, here are some tips to remember that can boost your marketing strategies.

Short sales cycles

One thing to remember about SaaS marketing is that speed is the key to success. Sales cycles in the SaaS world work in quick short increments, which is why speed, reactivity, and rapidly growing marketing is the key. Lagging behind and slowing down can easily take you out of the competition if you aren’t careful.

Software is an exponentially growing technology and keeping up is the only way to keep it relevant. Slow-moving SaaS marketing teams will easily find their software outdated and useless, quickly taking them out of the game in this fast-paced environment.

While this is can be a troublesome thing, this also means that your clients are just as quick in making decisions. If they see a service that they’re interested in, then it is likely that they will make a purchase on the spot. With this in mind, keeping a highly reactive marketing and development team will definitely pay off.

Information is power

In a SaaS business, knowledge and information are what can keep things running smoothly. Your product knowledge and expertise in the field will be tested here, which is why preparing your software’s information in easily digestible chunks will really boost your marketing strategy.

As stated, more often than not, a potential client will need to make quick purchasing decisions—meaning they already have a bit of background information on the topic. Providing them with insufficient answers to their queries will immediately take you out of their considerations.

Prioritize the service over the product

With numerous businesses and services capable of giving similar services to yours, what can easily set you apart is quality service support. In the SaaS industry, a client will be taking you on primarily for the software, yes—but their retention will depend on how well you can provide support for it.

A high-quality support system is what can keep your software increasingly relevant, and it will inevitably become your strongest selling point.


SaaS marketing is definitely much more difficult than your generalized marketing strategies—it requires quicker thinking, reactivity, and a certain amount of expertise to pull through with. By keeping your product great and your service support even better, your SaaS won’t just flourish, but it will be capable of selling itself.

Are you looking for the top consulting firm for SaaS businesses in Miami? At Uberwood Agency, we are the best marketing agency in Miami that offers consulting services for SaaS companies. Get in touch with us today and let us boost your service to the top of your industry.


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5 Lead Generation Techniques to Counter a Business Slow Down

While no one likes to have their business slow down, it's an inevitable fact of the industry. Due to various factors like economic pressures and more, businesses experience weakening sales and delays in hitting targets at least once during their business lifespan.

Surviving through a slowdown is not an easy task. You need to make some adjustments to sustain your business. Nonetheless, it's still possible to offset such losses by doubling down on lead generation efforts.

Lead generation is one of the foundations of a successful digital marketing campaign. If you want to counter the hits of a business slowdown through lead generation, consider the following techniques:

Adding a button to your Facebook page

Over the years, Facebook has become aware of the importance of its platform for various businesses. In attempts to increase the number of businesses relying on the social media network for marketing and advertisements, Facebook has given business pages different tools to help generate leads.

As such, Facebook now allows businesses to add different buttons to your page. By doing this, you can focus on specific targets, depending on your demographics. As a result, you can increase the frequency of new customers calling your business number.

Adding and emphasizing on your contact details online

If you want to increase the chances of landing leads, you'll want to make it easier for potential customers to get in touch with you. You must put your business's contact details on your website and social media profiles so that your customers can easily find out how they can reach you.

Securing leads through phone and other contact information can be extremely helpful since you won't have to rely on built-in chat boxes alone.

Using Calls-to-Action (CTAs) on your content

High-quality blog posts and videos are super important to keep visitors engaged and increase traffic on your website. However, not adding CTAs in your website's content is a big opportunity miss on lead generation. Sometimes, customers become so engaged with a product review or relevant guide that their decision-making becomes easy to influence. By adding CTAs to your content, you're closing in on a potential sale as you're directing your audience to where they should go next.

CTAs are powerful in lead generation because they have the ability to turn a random visitor into a subscriber with just a few words. Eventually, you may be able to convert them into loyal customers.

Take advantage of Google My Business's (GMB) "Appointment Link" feature

You're probably already aware of the importance of utilizing Google's marketing tools to increase your brand awareness. Being the most popular search engine in the world, Google has a wide reach, which means getting on GMB will help you interest more people.

GMB has an "Appointment link" feature, which is essentially a directive for interested customers to reach your business. By adding this to your GMB listing, you'll be able to generate more leads than otherwise.


Lead generation can help you target potential customers who've shown great interest in what you offer. When you experience a slowdown on sales results, lead generation can help you offset lost numbers.

Uberwood Agency is an SEO agency in Miami that provides lead generation, SEO, SAAS consulting for small and large businesses. Contact us today to learn how you can get the best digital marketing services that your business needs!


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5 Ways To Improve Your Professional Firms Lead Generation Efforts

Firms that provide professional services (such as the legal industry) often have a tougher time with online lead generation. Understandably, some strategies or techniques may not be appropriate for their scope of work or branding.

While they face a unique challenge, that shouldn’t become a barrier or an excuse for them not to rank on search engines and accumulate high leads from their target audiences. Instead of relying on peer referrals and networking, professional firms should start building a strong online presence. Here are our tips for doing so:

#1: Create SEO-optimized blog content

One way you can make your business visible to search engines is by keeping your website updated with regular blog posts. SEO works by researching ranking industry-related keywords and integrating them into your content. When people search your keyword on search engines, your content becomes more accessible to them.

It’s important to make sure that your blog content is written with quality and full of helpful information if you’re looking to rank well. This is because research engines like Google prioritize content or websites that bring value to online users.

#2: Invest in PPC Advertising

High ranking content can help your website show up on the first page of the search engine results. However, because of Google upgraded features, organic rankings are pushed back to leave space for paid advertising. If your rankings aren’t quite as high as you’d like them to be, PPC advertising is a great way to boost traffic and get people talking about your brand.

Aside from getting on top of the SERPs faster and more conveniently, another advantage of PPC is it is cost-effective. As the name implies, you only pay a fee whenever someone has clicked your paid ads. Aside from that, PPC gives you greater control over the keywords you want to use, reaching more of your target audience.

#3: Perform Social Media Marketing

Most online users spend most of their time of the day browsing social media. Aside from having a massive active audience, social media sites have great sharing features. Users can easily share your content with their networks, helping improve your marketing efforts.

Additionally, social media allows you to create different forms of marketing materials and share them with a broader audience at an affordable price. It also allows you to share links of articles or posts from your website, further driving quality leads.

#4: Maintain an Active e-Newsletter

If you want more targeted and consistent leads, consider maintaining an active e-newsletter for your business. Some marketers disregard this thinking that it limits their marketing efforts. However, email marketing actually brings excellent results if done correctly. What’s great about email marketing is it significantly helps in growing and nurturing your existing leads.

One thing you need to prioritize when performing email marketing is your content. Make sure that your content is high quality, informative, and brings value to your targeted audiences. Then, of course, do not forget to link your website and other content to your e-newsletter.

#5: Publish White Papers or eBooks

To generate warm leads naturally, you should establish high credibility and authority in your niche. The best way you can do that is by creating white papers or eBooks and making it accessible to your target audience.

There are two ways you can offer your white papers, and there are:

1.    Leading your audience to your web page where they can download it

2.    Giving your audience access to your white papers through a registration


Professional firms need an excellent marketing strategy, just like any industry. To generate leads and increase revenue, they need to make their business visible to many online users as much as possible. There are many ways to establish an excellent online presence, including by performing SEO, PPC, social media networking, email marketing, and creating white papers.

If you are looking for the best marketing agency in Miami, get in touch with us today. We can help your professional firm generate warm leads and establish your online presence effectively.


by: Rey Clemons 7/11/20

Business Management, 3 Tips on Surviving COVD-19

Many businesses are struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic due to the shutting down and limiting of business operations. Because of this, many companies that are reopening their services are unfamiliar with how to proceed with their current business plans. Thankfully, digital marketing has remained as a capable medium in helping both customers and business owners during these challenging times.

Business’ response to the pandemic

It’s a requirement for any business owner to have a long-term plan for their business, from something close to two fiscal quarters to over five years in the planning. Unfortunately, the global pandemic has put a reset button on many industries, which now forces business owners to rethink their company’s movements to survive and thrive during this crisis.

If you’re having trouble navigating through this pandemic, here are three digital marketing tips to help your company survive:

1. Invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you haven’t invested in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices in your marketing campaigns, now’s the perfect time to hire a professional agency to help you out. Online activity has reached outstanding heights due to people being forced to stay indoors to limit their physical interactions as much as possible. Since this has happened, there has been a steep rise in online browsing and shopping patterns throughout the pandemic.

Take advantage of using this time to build up your SEO ranking so that you can stay ahead of competitors once the effects of the pandemic start to die down. Use this time to reevaluate what strategies and keywords can give you the best results for organic traffic.

2. Support and inform communities in need

Digital marketing campaigns have been used for various purposes, whether to promote a new product or to increase brand awareness. With the world facing the pandemic, you should use your platform to educate and uplift your customers. Your marketing strategy shouldn’t only include product promos but also informative posts about relevant recent events.

If you’re a local business, do your best to stay updated on state guidelines and protocols and consider giving a helping hand to communities in need. In today’s troubling times, it’s essential for businesses to support organizations that require assistance, whether it’s giving them a spotlight or offering donations.

3. Start adapting your business processes

Priorities from customers and investors are shifting towards essential products and businesses. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t force you to close your company and change industries. It is best if you focused on adapting your business models to accommodate both your employees and your customers’ needs.

You can also use the versatility of your online platforms to keep your clients engaged with your services by providing initiatives that are helpful during this pandemic. Promote safe alternatives to payment and delivery options for your clients and your workforce to show that you’re willing to compromise your sales figures to promote safety and security. Doing this will allow you to gain the respect of your customers in maintaining humane business practices while providing high-quality services.


Surviving the pandemic is more than a healthcare issue for business owners. It’s also a massive obstacle that tests their perseverance and willingness to adapt to different business models. The best way to come out on top after the pandemic dies down is by listening to your customers’ needs and adapting to the need for alternative work practices.

At Uberwood Agency, we provide our clients with topnotch communicative consulting services in Miami to help develop their brand. We offer SaaS consulting, lead generation strategies, SEO management, and more! Get in touch with us today and start growing your business with our help!


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How to Optimize Your Website Design for Lead Generation

Perhaps your most powerful weapon for acquiring quality leads and achieving your desired conversions, your website constantly needs to be in tip-top shape. As your primary method of creating an impactful first impression on client leads, your website must be intuitive, responsive, and appealing to potential customers. Read on to start supercharging your web design with tips that guarantee success.

Tip #1 - Prioritize Responsive Design

Though desktop computers account for a massive share of Internet activity, it doesn’t compare to the 92% of Internet users who prefer to use mobile devices. Nowadays, website responsiveness isn’t just “nice to have”—it’s a marketing must. People who are on the go become increasingly dependent on their mobile phones to perform daily tasks such as grocery shopping and research. Beyond meeting your target audience’s needs, designing a mobile-responsive site will get it to rank higher on search engines as well.

Tip #2 - Add Compelling CTAs

Not every Internet shopper will want to be told what to do but leading them towards the next logical step is always a big help. Whether your end goal is a newsletter subscription, e-book download, or full purchase, you can help direct visitors towards this action by means of a compelling call-to-action or enticing sales button.

To determine what works best for your website, don’t be afraid to experiment with various types of CTAs. Keep them up for several weeks at a time and evaluate which methods work best for conversions. One thing to keep in mind is to avoid sounding too sales-oriented and make the path towards your sales button as clear as possible.

Tip #3 - Collaborate With a Good Web Designer

Because it only takes a quarter of a second for visitors to decide whether or not your website is worth pursuing, working with an intelligent web designer is key to achieving your lead generation goals.

A responsible web designer won’t only draw up an attractive layout for your website—but they’ll also take the time to get to know your business from head to toe and know how best to reflect your mission and vision. Armed with design know-how, web designers should be able to make thoughtful suggestions regarding the elements of your website and what you can potentially do without.

Lastly, work with a web designer who doesn’t consider the launch of your website the end of your relationship. As your business grows, your website will have to grow along with it. Every now and then, you may have to adjust certain elements and copy or even undergo a full website redesign down the road. Collaborate with a web designer who is willing to check in with you every once in a while and suggest the appropriate changes.


While it may be tempting to DIY your way through a website thinking “It can’t possibly be that difficult”, you’re always better off leaving it up to the professionals. A well-designed website will almost always generate high-quality leads and tick off all your marketing goals.

We specialize in communicative consulting and work to make your success our success! Set up a discovery call today to determine your best methods of achieving quality leads.


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How To Improve Your Google Ads Conversion In 3 Steps

If you have a business site, one of your primary measures for success is your rate conversion. How many purchased your actual product? How many downloaded your program? How many subscribed to your newsletter? How many client leads did you get? You set a goal and measure your campaign’s success by checking the factors alongside the results.

Sometimes, your campaigns need more push to get your desired results, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Using paid marketing media, such as Google Ads, is one strategy adopted worldwide to reach a wider audience.

Google Ads is one reliable paid advertisement of Google that businesses use to drive qualified traffic to their website. It works by showing your product or service ad to people making relevant and related searches.

If you think that you need more push to get the conversion you need, here are the three things you can do to improve your Google Ads conversion:

Step 1: Expand your keywords

Did you know that around 3.5 billion searches are done on Google every day? Also, approximately 15 to 20 percent of these searches use new keywords. If you find and use the right keywords to your Google Ads, it can help your brand appear to more people doing more relevant searches.

Google becomes smarter each day. It has a vast understanding of semantics, and its library continues to grow each time. As a brand utilizing Google Ads, you also need to expand your keyword library like what they do.

If you need help, we at Um Digital can review your keyword lists and add more related keywords that your business and clients would find helpful. We use a strategy and some useful tools to find the right keywords to help you reach your target audience better. We also make sure that your keywords only get the relevant search results it needs by continually updating your negative keywords list.

Step 2: Use broader keywords

Using specific keywords is beneficial in many ways. However, in a set up like Google Ads, you are more likely to lose more potential customers when you implement it. For example, if you are a digital marketing agency in Miami, and you used the exact keyword phrase “marketing agency in Miami” on your paid search campaigns, you are going to lose the chance of appearing in search results that looked up a broader keyword like “full-service digital marketing agency” or “top digital agency.”

Of course, there are strategies you need to follow to make this step more effective. You can try grouping your broad keywords under the same theme and allotting a specific budget for it. There are tools you can use to find the most-searched terms that relate to the general keywords, and they can also help you eliminate broad keywords that only generate irrelevant traffic. If you work with us, we can help you develop a more structured way of maximizing your budget while giving you the best number of results.

Step 3: Utilize the Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamics Search Ads is another feature of Google that helps you find customers looking for the same offerings you give. It’s a web crawling technology by Google that targets search queries relevant to your website’s content.

You only need to provide a creative description, and it will do its job of linking relevant pages of your website to the searcher’s page results. It also allows you to customize and select the specific page you want to show on the search engine.

The DSA and your Google Ads work well together. In case you haven’t updated your keyword library yet, the DSA will help keep your ads updated. More importantly, it does not compete with any of your existing search campaigns.


Google Ads is a helpful tool if only you know how to maximize it, especially for lead generation. Google changes and updates its features every time, and you need to keep up with its upgrades to make the most out of your campaigns and efforts.

Some of these concepts may be easy to understand but difficult to implement. That’s where we come in. If you are looking for the best marketing agency in Miami, we at Uberwood Agency can help. Contact us today!


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Get Ahead Of The Game, 3 Reasons Lead Generation Is Crucial For Business

All businesses aim to grow someday - whether it’s to increase your customer pool or expand your reach by scaling up your operations. No matter the industry, customers are what keeps companies alive, which is why lead generation is the ultimate pillar that drives the success of every business.

The Role of Lead Generation in Marketing

A lead describes a curious customer who is interested in your products or services. Your marketing funnel - be it traditional or digital - all have the common goal of generating leads through various channels.

That’s why there is search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, and other avenues that help your business attract visitors and turn these leads into customers. It plays a pivotal role in your business as it impacts your bottom line in more ways than one, such as the following:

Benefit #1: Lead Generation Makes it Easy to Scale Your Customer Acquisition Program

Lead generation systems often come with key performance indicators (KPI), which are specific metrics that track your performance online - be it your website’s conversion rate, bounce rate, exit rate, average session duration, and more.

There are various KPI’s, but lead generation can help direct your focus to specific areas that align with your current target audience and business goals. By ensuring you are looking at the right metrics that are relevant to your process and needs, you can scale your customer acquisition program more effectively.

With a better customer acquisition program, you can tailor your products and services according to the demands of your target market.

Benefit #2: Lead Generation Speeds Up the Sales Cycle

More than anything else, one of the primary benefits of a quality lead generation system is that it can cut back your sales cycle significantly. It helps identify leads that are still deciding from those ready to move forward with the buying process, which can save your team a significant amount of time, resources, and effort.

Evaluating the highest quality leads using a sophisticated system also lets you see areas in your strategy that need improvement, resulting in higher chances of increasing your win rate.

Benefit #3: Lead Generation Ultimately Drives Your Profits

More than 55 percent of B2B marketers dedicate a significant portion of their budget on lead generation as it can positively impact their bottom line. Seeing as lead generation is all about converting visitors into customers after all, so it directly affects your profit margins in more ways than one.

The Bottom Line: How Lead Generation Can Improve Your Business and Catapult You Ahead of the Competition

Customers keep businesses thriving, which is why start-ups and leading enterprises alike share a goal of improving lead generation strategies as it’s crucial in staying ahead of a competitive market.

Looking for a strategy that helps you target your customers and attract new prospects? Our expert digital marketing agency in Miami, FL, specializes in lead generation strategies, so we can help you tailor your product and services according to your desired demographic. Get in touch with Uberwood Agency Digital today! We’re happy to help.


by: Rey Clemons 8/7/20

3 Tips For Choosing The Right SaaS Marketing Consultant

SaaS, short for Software as a Service, is a type of business model in which a provider offers centrally hosted software to companies on a subscription basis. It is different from other types of companies that might sell software as a physical product or downloadable file.

As such, the marketing practices that go into selling SaaS is different from what other businesses do. For instance, a traditional company might focus its marketing initiatives on getting products sold in one go. However, for SaaS businesses, marketing efforts will primarily revolve around the continuous benefits that their services offer.

With that said, if you are looking for a SaaS marketing consultant, it pays to know how to pick the right one to ensure their services bring you success.

1. Make sure they understand digital marketing

The digital marketing world is always evolving. This means that new strategies are always materializing, and new trends are constantly on the rise.

When you look for marketing consultants, it is vital to ensure that they fully understand what digital marketing is and what it's all about. For example, you would want a service provider with plenty of expertise in different aspects of digital marketing, such as pay-per-click advertising, search engine optimization, social media marketing, email marketing, and more. The more they know about digital marketing, the likelier it is that they can ensure your SaaS business succeeds.

2. Confirm that their primary service is consulting

Remember, you are looking for SaaS marketing consultants, and their primary service must be precisely that: consulting. While you might run into different agencies that offer a wide variety of services, you must ensure that the one you choose specializes in what you need. Otherwise, you'll find yourself dealing with unfocused strategies, never fully understanding what the agency might do next.

On the contrary, when you work with a service that specializes in SaaS marketing consultancy, you'll have a firmer grasp on how they can plan to execute their strategies and how each of their services can bring you a step closer to your goals.

3. Pay a visit to their LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn has been an integral part of many businesses and professionals out there. With the platform, people can connect and collaborate, look for new jobs, find industry experts, and more.

The reason you want to visit the consultant's LinkedIn profile is to evaluate their recommendations. That section will help you find talented individuals who are worth hiring. These recommendations represent some of the most reliable and trustworthy people in your particular field of interest, meaning that you can use the information provided to find the perfect SaaS marketing consultant to bring you the results you need.


Other than what we have shared, there are a few other things you can do to identify the right SaaS marketing consultants. For instance, you can visit their websites to learn more about what they do, determine whether or not their services suit you, and see if their website is professional and well-made.

If you are happy with their website, their services offerings, and their understanding of digital marketing, you can be sure that they are the right SaaS marketing consultants for your business.

Need expert consulting for your SaaS company in Miami?Uberwood Agency is the digital marketing agency that you are looking for. We can formulate the right strategy to help you grow your business. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation.


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3 Reasons You Need To Work With A Digital Marketing Agency

The internet has changed the world in countless ways, and the way we market a business, for example, is vastly different from how it was in the past. The ability to connect to a global audience and maintain constant reach has allowed businesses to experience growth like never before.

Unfortunately, in the fast-growing world of commerce, smaller companies may struggle to keep up with the competition. With a lack of money and manpower, utilizing the best marketing practices can be tough, if not impossible, for small enterprises. However, the introduction of the internet means that many tools and services are now available online, and one of them is digital marketing.

If you are having trouble marketing your business to your audience, it would do you well to take advantage of what digital marketing can do. There are many agencies that can help you with this transition, and working with one comes with several competitive advantages:

1. Access to experts

When you work with a digital marketing agency, you get access to digital marketing experts. This investment requires you to make room in your budget, but their services are nowhere near as expensive as hiring in-house marketers to work for you.

Nevertheless, these digital marketing experts will know precisely what they need. They have the technical expertise and experience to determine what will work for you and what will not, keeping you on top of marketing trends to stay visible on the internet.

2. Reduce marketing expenses

Marketing is not free, and with so many costs associated with marketing, it can become expensive quickly. As a small business, you do not have the luxury of spending big bucks on marketing, which might mean that you might not get the results you are looking for. Fortunately, working with a digital marketing agency is extremely affordable, and it lets you take advantage of the latest marketing techniques.

When you pay for a digital marketing agency, you skip all the costs you may have had to face if you had hired in-house marketers. This saves you a lot of money, and it also saves plenty of your time.

3. Frees your time

Speaking of time, marketing can often be a time-consuming process that requires your utmost attention. When you consider that you are probably already juggling multiple tasks daily, keeping on top of digital marketing can be next to impossible. In fact, trying to fit marketing into your schedule may take you away from other critical tasks.

A digital marketing agency helps you avoid this by taking the burden of marketing upon themselves. It frees up your time, allowing you to focus on other priorities, such as quality control, that you cannot afford to overlook.


With the help of a digital marketing agency, all your digital marketing needs are met effectively and affordably. That said, the best part of working with a digital marketing agency is that they offer tangible results. They can give you reports and metrics that let you understand how you benefit from their help. If you are not working with a digital marketing agency yet, we recommend that you do so as soon as possible!

Are you looking for the best marketing agency in Miami? Uberwood Agency is a digital marketing agency that offers a variety of services, from SEO to Chatbots. Get in touch with us today!