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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. You engage in SEO when you attempt to get a page to rank higher in a search engine’s SERPs (search engine results pages), with the ultimate goal being to increase organic (unpaid) traffic to that page.

You will receive a on boarding form once you purchase with the next steps we need to get you started. Typical SEO recommendation is 6 months to really get everything optimized and build your organic traffic.

Is SEO Dead?

SEO is not dead. SEO is still a vital part of online marketing; and unless the way we search for content changes drastically, it will be for a long time. Businesses looking for immediate leads and conversions may neglect SEO in favor of more direct, targeted approaches like paid search and paid social; but businesses that invest in SEO are investing in the long term

Will Blogging Help SEO?

Yes! Each piece of new content you create is another opportunity to rank for a target keyword related to your business. The more high-quality blogs you create, the wider the net you cast across your industry’s organic search results.

How Important is SEO?

SEO is more important than ever! It's stll one of the most potent digital marketing strategies that drive long-term results. ... Dive in and learn what has changed and how to do search engine optimization in 2020

How Does LinkedIn Lead Generation Work?

We put a LinkedIn outreach strategy in place that targets & engages qualified decision makers, driving them directly into your sales funnel for you to close.

It includes profile optimization, lead tracking and metrics reporting. You will also need to get a Sales Navigator account to utilize these services and it's needed to prospect the right decision makers.